3 Ways to Stand Out in Your Niche


Let’s play a guessing game: how many personal trainers do you think there are in the USA right now? Oh okay you twisted my arm – I’ll just tell you! According to the IBIS World Industry Report, there are almost 260,000 personal trainers in the States, and the number of health and wellness coaches across North America is rapidly on the rise as well.

Standing out in this increasingly crowded and competitive space is key to getting yourself booked out with clients. The good news is, there’s room for everyone to make a massive and positive difference when it comes to helping people live healthier lives full of vitality. However, it also means you have to work a little bit harder to stand out and grab your ideal client’s attention. Here are three ways that you can really stand out in your niche:

1. Get Known for Something Super Specific. My business coach has a saying that I love: “Broad is broke and niche is rich.” Just being a personal trainer doesn’t make anyone think “Wow, she really gets me and I need to work with her!” On the other hand, positioning yourself as ‘a personal training specialist who works with runners who want to run their fastest half marathon in the next three months’ makes it super clear who your audience is and makes is screamingly obvious that you are the perfect personal trainer for them. Don’t worry about eliminating potential clients, that’s what you actually want to do. Getting crystal clear on the target audience you want to serve will help magnetize them to you.

2. Rock Your SEO. Wanna know something? I’ve never, ever looked for a client in my PR business in the two years that I’ve been running it. Not once. Everybody finds me, and most people reach out to me, and only me. Why’s that? Not only am I very specifically niched down, but I learned how to rock SEO. Google ‘fitness PR’, ‘fitness publicist’ or ‘fitness publicity’ and last I checked I come up on the first four pages of Google. (PS: I don’t run any Google ads either.) This is thanks to the beauty of search engine optimization – SEO. Find different ways to write out every word string of what you do across the different pages of your website so that when someone googles the service that you offer, your site ranks at the top of the list.

3. Get Endorsed By Someone ‘Famous’. There’s a reason that celebrities get paid tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Tweet, Instagram and Snapchat the brands that they’re using: people trust their recommendations. (Whether they really should or not is a whole ‘nother blog post.) Get a local celebrity or a media outlet to give you a nod and a shout out and make sure you share it everywhere – we tend to be more trusting of a brand when there’s a third-party endorsement!

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Nail your niche and elevator speech! Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing international best-selling author, Trevor Crane, and he shared what he calls his Audio Logo, the script you need to say so that your ideal client knows that you’re the perfect person he or she wants to work with. Wanna create your own Audio Logo?