How do you get from 5 to 6 figures?


Guess what? It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! You get to learn from the greatest health, fitness, and wellness business coaches in the industry in the upcoming interview series, The Audience Attraction Formula 2.0: How to Grow Your Health, Fitness or Wellness Business from Five to Six Figures.

The first time around, we delved into how to get new clients in the next 30 days, and this fall, I'm focusing on helping you can make the leap from five to six figures (even multi-six figures!) in your health, fitness, or wellness business. How does that sound to you? Yeah, thought you might like that one :)

Here are the deets: the FREE series goes live on October 9th and I want you to tune in to hear from experts guests who are back for a second time like Pat Rigsby, Kathleen LeGrys, and Trevor Crane. PLUS there will be new speakers making their debut including Jodi Rumack, Eric Bach, and Alysa Rushton, and many more - over 20 speakers will be joining in!

Here's a link to sign up for the free interview series:

So I'm still doing interviews through next week with many of my experts - what would YOU like to know? Leave me a comment in the Get Seen, Get Clients, Get Paid private Facebook group and let me know what your top question for them is!