What to Do When Your Competition Gets Featured in the Press (And You Don’t)

As much as we all try to avoid that green-eyed monster, envy, sometimes it can get the best of us and the feeling comes up. It’s definitely happened to me when I flip open a magazine, or turn on the television and see a business that’s competitive to one of my clients getting a press feature. First, there’s that feeling of dread that I’m going to get an angry call or email from my client. Then, there’s that feeling of inadequacy, wondering why my story pitch didn’t make it through and someone else’s did. Hopefully though by this time reason kicks in and I shift my mindset. Here’s how I deal with it when this happens to me, and I hope it can inspire you to readjust your perspective as well.

1. I manage my mind.

Something I’ve been working on for the last year is evolving my mindset and seeing things from a perspective of abundance and not scarcity. Yes, I would have loved for that to be my client’s feature. But there’s more than one media outlet in this city (and I’m sure in yours too). And this is simply a reminder that the story is compelling and of interest to the news. Maybe my pitch didn’t make it in this outlet, and there’s every reason it can make it in another.

2. Realign with my vision.

My PR agency is called Vitality PR & Communications. Why did I give it that name? Because my vision is to see people live healthy lives full of vitality. Even if it isn’t my specific story getting featured, that message in the media is helping my vision come to life.

3. Get creative.

Okay, it happened and now it’s time to regroup. I know I’m going to have more than one good idea, and more than one good story pitch for the media. Time to think up another angle, another story idea, and another way to get my client’s message out.

What to Do When Your Competition Gets Featured in the Press.png

The title of this blog post is actually misleading because I believe in collaboration over competition. So manage your mind, then manage your activity. There are plenty of opportunities to secure press features. And there are a ton of media outlets – websites, TV, radio, podcasts, magazines, influencer blogs. Don’t get discouraged, get creative instead!