Did you hear about Nike?

Are you following the Nike controversy right now? With the plus-size mannequins in the UK stores? EVERYBODY has an opinion on it, one way or another. And I’m seeing a lot of fitness peeps who are using this story to get their own brand out there.

It really reminds me that you can’t just sit back and wait ‘until the right time’. My business coach always says that “money loves speed” and these pros are jumping on this story while it’s HOT .

I mean, in a few days everyone will be onto the next Kardashian drama.

So my point is – how are YOU using this story to build your business?

One of my clients, Sarah, absolutely CRUSHED it when it came to placing herself into the centre of this conversation to get her POV and her brand out there. I want to break down for you the three major steps she took to become an influential voice for this story.

1. She Leveraged Her Own Social Media Platforms

Thank goodness for social media. How amazing is it that we have a platform to share our unedited thoughts and opinions, exactly the way we want to, when we want to and connect with our fans and followers about it?! Sarah wasn’t shy about getting real on her Instagram:

sarah taylor.png

With over 5,000 likes (as of this AM!) and over 100 comments, clearly this landed with her people. So what did she do next, after sharing this on her own platform and getting such a huge response?

2.Get Highlighted on a BIGGER Platform

Your reach is only as big as your following. Luckily, Sarah has a large social network. But know who has an even bigger one? Local Toronto TV show Breakfast Television. They pull in over 1.5 million viewers each week and have almost 70K IG followers. I’m a big believer in leveraging the audience of others. If someone else already took the time to build a huge following that has your ideal client in it, get ON it!

What’s super cool about this segment is that the show gets almost 2 million viewers each week here in Toronto where her studio is located. AND she was able to promote her studio and her upcoming six-week challenge.

Seriously, what would it be like for your business if you could get in front of 2 million people? Especially without paying for it! Even if Sarah only converted 0.00001% of the show’s viewers, that means 20 new clients.

Yeah, exactly.

3.PR Your PR

Now that Sarah boosted her street cred by being featured on a totally respected media outlet, the only natural thing to do was ride this roller coaster by sharing this segment and getting more free publicity.

Including Global News:

Global 1.png
Global 2.png

And her interview with The Globe & Mail (think our New York Times) comes out in a few days!

This topic is HOT right now.

If you’re not taking advantage of stories like this you are missing out on getting clients.

News doesn’t wait – you’ve got to jump on it so that people know your name, trust you, then sign up to work with you.

What’s the news in the health & fitness landscape this week that you can hijack to build your business?

You can (easily!) do the same thing that Sarah did.

Want some help? Book a call here on my calendar – I’ll help you create a custom plan just for you!


Lisa Simone

PS: Oh! One more thing, when we finished filming Breakfast Television, the host, Dina, mentioned that Sarah would be great for another, national TV show on their network so we’re getting her set up to get more TV opps. Click here to book a call with me so I can show you how to do the same thing!