How One Magazine Feature Turned into $12K and Landed 5 More Articles

Last summer I was super psyched to be featured in Optimyz Magazine’s 2016 Fitpreneur issue. How cool to get a two-page spread in a fitness magazine that you love! Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I looooooooooooove being in the spotlight, but when it comes to my work as a publicist and visibility strategist, I prefer to be behind the scenes and let my clients bask in the limelight. Alas, this time the camera was on me, and hell, I was gonna enjoy it! Hoping my story might inspire others who want to escape boring, beige cubicle land, I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I got a phone call out of the blue from a brand that saw me and wanted me to rep their product.

Long story short, my point in sharing this is that getting featured in the press is not only a way to get highlighted as an expert, and attract clients to you (to the tune of a $12K contract!), but it’s a phenomenal way to build media relationships.

Getting featured in the press isn’t one and done – if you manage this opportunity properly, you can leverage it for more and more media coverage. I was strategic, while also being genuine, in building a relationship with the magazine’s editor and pitching two of my clients at the time to contribute an article to an upcoming issue. We got a yes, crafted an awesome article that would really benefit the readers, and submitted the story well ahead of deadline. Know what happened next? She loved how well we worked in tandem with her that she asked for three more articles. And now they’ve secured a place as regular contributors to the magazine, with a two or three page article in almost every issue.

Think about this – how much would it cost to run a two-page ad in four issues of a national magazine? Thousands. Depending on the magazine, tens of thousands. Wouldn’t it be awesome to skip that spending and get articles you’ve written featured instead, adding the title of ‘Contributing Author’ to your resume as well? I’d say so!

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