"Your Business Growth Will Always Match Your Personal Growth"

Something you may not have already known about me: I am absolutely OBSESSED with personal development. Tony Robbins, leadership trainings, always listening to podcasts and reading self-improvement books is TOTALLY my jam. Why wouldn't I strive to be the best version of myself?!

Hot off the heels of spending three weeks in San Diego, California, I've been surrounded my entrepreneurs who are just like me. And one of the most inspiring parts of all is not just the formalized masterminds and training sessions where I've been spending 12-hour days, but also drawing inspiration from everyone's personal stories and experiences. Which is why when my incredible friend Julie told me about the upcoming 'The Art Of' Leadership for Women series, I was like 'YES I want to go!' Which subsequently followed with a 'Crap, I'm out of town' :(. AND I still know it's a worthwhile share with my Toronto readers!

Touted as the #1 leadership conference for women, this year's event on April 13th is going to have superstar speakers like SVP Leadership Transformation Tammy Heermann, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai, best-selling authors Laura Vanderkam, The Hon. Rona Ambrose and other women who are incredible to have influencing your mind.

The Art of Leadership for Women

My favourite quote from my business coach is "Your business growth will always match your personal growth" and I think she's spot on with that comment. So what have you been doing to influence your mind that will also influence your business?

Check out this event - and let me know how it is since I can't make it! #sadface 

Plus, if you register before February 16th, use code LR28 to save $100 on your ticket :) There's no kickback for me - I just want to share something awesome that will truly make a difference for you!

After leaving my own masterminds and trainings in California, the personal and business development has been amazing, I'm totally fired up! And I have no doubt that you'll be reinspired and re-energized after hearing from this incredible lineup of high-caliber speakers.

I'd love to know - who are you most excited to see speak live at this event?


Lisa Simone