Positioning, Publicity, Profit LIVE 2017

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Positioning, Publicity, Profit LIVE 2017 is two days of business strategy for health, fitness & wellness professionals, designed to grow your business, brand, and influence.

You’ll get the business and visibility strategies to build a standout, signature personal brand, insider secrets on how to get in front of thousands of potential clients in one go, and then leverage it to make more money, all while connecting with other, like-minded, change-making health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs.

You’ll leave with clarity on how to position yourself in an increasingly crowded market, how to get free PR and publicity for your brand, and how to leverage it all for bigger profits!


DAY 1:

PositioningSo You Can Stand  Out

There are tens of thousands of health, fitness and wellness coaches out there and this industry isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Get clear on your specific, unique selling proposition so that you know how you’ll differentiate yourself as the leading authority and go-to expert in your niche, helping you stand out from everyone else in your field.


Publicity: So You Can Attract Clients

Imagine getting in front of thousands at once, instead of growing slowly, one follower at a time? Whether that means staying behind the scenes and submitting a guest post, or going big and getting on TV, having other people toot your horn gives you instant street cred and an automatic endorsement.

DAY 2 pm:

Profit: So You Can Make Money Doing What You Love

When you build a name for yourself, people are willing to make a bigger investment in you. The amount you earn is directly correlated to the impact you’re making. Don’t sell yourself short – learn how to earn your true worth and never be the cheapest option.


Who is Positioning, Publicity, Profit LIVE for?

Positioning, Publicity, Profit LIVE is for you if you’re a health, fitness or wellness coach, entrepreneur, or business owner who wants to play bigger. You know you’re meant to help other people live their best lives full of vitality, but you struggle with getting seen, getting clients, and getting paid.

If you have a vision for your business – a vision where you build a brand-name business and have clients pursuing you instead of the other way around, then Positioning, Publicity, Profit LIVE is for you.

Why Attend?

Attend because you want your business to succeed and you never want to return to corporate, cubicle life again!

Don’t spend any more nights wondering if your business will survive or if you’ll have to hustle on the side to make ends meet. I’ve already done that and want to save you from doing the same thing.

During the past few years, I’ve helped passionate health & fitness entrepreneurs making from five to eight figures get known as major players, be seen all over the media, and sell out their programs and services.

Positioning, Publicity, Profit LIVE is two days, live and in-person of my BEST training available. It’s where I share the exact step-by-step approach I used to help my clients build award-winning businesses that get free publicity, and you can do the same.

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At Positioning, Publicity, Profit, LIVE, you’ll work on your own publicity and visibility plan to build brand awareness, buzz, and credibility so you can start 2018 strong. I not only give you theory and processes, but I also ‘hot seat’ audience members and help you create your plan on the spot. You’ll also hear from leading industry business coaches and get access to magazine editors, online influencers, TV producers and other media to get insider information on how to get free publicity – everyone who doesn’t attend will be missing out on these trade secrets.

What Do You Leave With?

You’ll leave with clarity on how to position yourself in an increasingly crowded market, how to get free PR and publicity for your brand, and how to leverage it all for bigger profits!


Featured Speakers

Check out this list of some of our expert speakers:

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Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy is first and foremost a mom. She’s also the founder of The Wellness Business Hub, an online platform that delivers personal development and professional training for health practitioners all around the world that want to take their business online. Her real-world approach to business is built into her online courses and live events. Lori’s Wellness Business Academy and Wellness Business Summit is growing and powerful community of leaders in health transformation who work with Team LK to achieve their 1 million mission.

Jodi Rumack.jpg

Jodi Rumack

With 18 years of fitness industry experience behind her, Jodi Rumack founded her role as a Fitness Business Coach in 2013. As a coach, Jodi had worked multiple club/studio owners as well as in-home businesses, helping them to maximize their opportunities and take their businesses to new heights through sales, systems, staffing and productivity. 



Eme Housser

Eme Housser is the president & co-founder of Well TO Do, Toronto’s go-to site for the latest and greatest in everything fitness, nutrition, and wellness that Toronto has to offer. She’s also personally a wellness nut, with Reiki level 2 certification, mindfulness meditation training and a rolling cart full of goodies to add into smoothies and various mushroom teas.

Monique Savin.jpg

Monique Savin

Monique Savin is a writer, digital editor, and interactive designer. She’s done fitness writing and editing for publications including The Globe & Mail, Runner’s World, Livestrong

Lori Harito.jpg

Lori Harito

Lori is a writer and content producer at blogTO with a focus on outstanding health and wellness trends in the city. She's also the Managing Editor for Pressed News, making the news easy to understand. At the intersection of technology, creativity, and strategy, Lori is passionate about reinventing the consumer experience through content and PR strategies. Deeply in love with health and wellness, she can talk to you at length about the best athleisure brands and trends.

Sharon Stokes.jpg

Sharon Stokes

Sharon Stokes is a certified Life Coach who is the creator of The Life Map and #theyearofme program. She worked in the media for over 10 years as a producer for etalk and The Marilyn Denis Show. She’s also a writer and expert who has been featured in The Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, Bustle, Eat This Not That, Fashion Magazine and various television and radio shows.  


Victoria DiPlacido's

Victoria DiPlacido is the associate beauty editor at ELLE Canada and ELLECanada.com, where she currently oversees all the beauty and health content published in print, online and across social media platforms.


The event will be taking place at Shecosystem Co-Working & Wellness as 703 Bloor Street West, unit 201.

The nearest TTC stop is Christie Station and parking is available on main and nearby residential streets.

Start and end times on both days is 8:30 a.m. (sharp!) through 5:00 p.m. so we can fit in as much value as possible during our time together!