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Why wouldn’t you want free exposure to thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of potential clients?!

Getting publicity and free media coverage are the fastest ways to get you in front of your ideal client, build a buzz around your brand and put you on the fast-track to becoming an expert in your industry to stand out from the competition.

Introducing the Publicity & Profit Masterclass

This is the ultimate masterclass to show you who to pitch in the media, when to pitch them, what to pitch them and how to pitch them so you can get free publicity for your brand and earn more money.

This is perfect for anyone who:

  • Is a health, fitness or wellness entrepreneur
  • Who wants to earn more money in their business
  • Who wants to stand out as a go-to expert
  • Who want to get free exposure to their ideal clients
  • Who wants to be seen as a thought leader
  • Who wants to do marketing on a budget
Cassie Lynn Lambert, Strength Coach & Founder,

Cassie Lynn Lambert, Strength Coach & Founder,

“Before working with Lisa Simone I was struggling with how to reach my ideal clients outside of the community I had built online. Just the idea of sending out requests to come on someone’s podcast or pitch my idea to national magazine made me nervous — so I didn’t do it at all. Lisa Simone has taken me step-by-step through how to figure out where my ideal client is hanging out so I can then position myself as the expert and get in front of them on their favorite podcasts and magazines. In just three weeks I have already booked two podcast interviews (one of which gets over 10,000 downloads a month!) and am pitching Oxygen, Inside Women’s Fitness, and Strong magazines. You could spend hours on Instagram trying out new hashtags, but Lisa Simone gives you a blueprint on how to position yourself so that you can get exposure that puts you in front of thousands of potential new clients.”


Your Teacher:

Lisa Simone Richards is a visibility strategist for health, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs who want to go from unknown and underpaid to standing out and selling out. She’s turned personal brands into nationally acclaimed names, getting them featured in the media, become award-winning businesses, triple their number of locations and 5X their revenues. She’ll show you how to get seen, get clients, and get paid and magnetically attract your ideal clients to you.


Lesson 1: What is publicity

Lesson 2: Why publicity matters

Lesson 3: Understanding lead times

Lesson 4: Coming up with a winning pitch

Lesson 5: Finding the right contact

Bonus Lesson: Publicity for Profit

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