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I've never, ever had to look for a client. They've all come to me. I'll show you how you can have that too.


What do you need help with?


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I need to promote my brand new biz and I have no idea where to start.



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I already have a business, but I need more clients so I can do more than survive, I want to thrive!


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My business is doing well and I’m ready to get in front of way more potential clients – I’m talking tens of thousands, even millions!



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Working with Lisa Simone helped me get my foot in the door to start making connections with magazine editors and TV producers. In less than a year, I got more than 30 media hits and am now a regularly featured guest expert on four of Toronto’s major morning TV shows!

— Jesse Lane Lee, Holistic Nutritionist
With Lisa Simone’s expertise I landed my first piece of media coverage – no less than a six-page spread - in Sweat Equity magazine, plus the opportunity to run classes at one of my city’s biggest fitness events.

— Jason Battiste, JBKB Kickboxing
In just six weeks of working with Lisa Simone, we booked 2 TV segments, landed 3 online features, and secured a spokesperson. We got free publicity in front of 1.7 million people and got more than 500 new clicks to our website!

— Maxwell Roach, CEO Kenz’ Low-Carb Clouds


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